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1. Cryptic (7)-Having a meaning that is mysterious or obsure

"Each event spoke with a cryptic tongue."



2. Doggerel (24)-verse or words that are badly written or expressed

"A tall black boy recited a long, funny piece of doggerel, replete with filth...."



3. Languor (8)- The state or feeling, often pleasant, or tiredness or intertia.

"There was the languor i felt when i heard green leaves rustling with a rainlike sound."



4. Surreptitiously (50)- Kept in secred because it would not be approved of.

"So, surreptitiously, i took some of the biscuits from the platter and slipped them into my pocket..."



5. Emulate (73)- Match or surpass ( a person or acheivement) usually by imitation

"I reslolved that i would emulate the black women if i was ever faced with a white mob."



6. Grapple (81)- engage in a close fight or struggle, with out weapons; wrestle.

"Returning to grapple with the old problem."



7. Elicited (92)- Evoke or draw our (a response, answer, or fact) from someone in reaction to ones own actions or questions.

"Every blow landed elicited shouts of delight."



8. Morose (86)- sullen and ill tempered

"I became morose."



9. Palatial (128)- resembling a palace in being spacious or slendid

"....a renouned scientist who rigged up a mystery room made of metal in the basement of his palatial home."



10. Invectives (149)- insulting, abusive, or highly critical language

"As they hurlded invectives, they barely looked at each other."



11. Boon (150)-something to be thankful for; blessing; benefit.


12. Impudent (157)- Obsolete. shameless or brazenly immodest.


13. Sonorously (155)- loud, deep, or resonant, as a sound.


14. Florid (163)- flowery; excessively ornate


15. Impetus (173)- a moving force; impulse; stimulus


16. Repugnant (199)- distasteful, objectionable, or offensive


17. Terse (278)- neatly or effectively concise; brief and pithy, as language.


18. Feudalism (265)- A political and economic system of Europe from the 9th to about the 15th century, based on the holding of all land in fief or fee and the resulting relation of lord to vassal and   characterized by homage, legal and military service of tenants, and forfeiture.


19. Libations (282)- The act of drinking an intoxicating beverage.


20. Oblique (286)- neither perpendicular nor parallel to a given line or surface; slanting; sloping.


21. Malinger (293)- to pretend illness


22. eschewing (295)- To avoid; shun.


23. Insurgent (302)- a person who rises in forcible opposition to lawful authority


24. Tacubtyrb (313)???? that has to be spelled wrong????


25. cibdescebsuib (317)


26. Bourgeios (331)- a person whose political, economic, and social opinions are believed to be determined mainly by concern for property values and conventional respectability.



27. Internecine (368)


28. Recrimination (361)


29. Truncated (374)


30. Erstwhile (367)





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